3rd Annual CCJL Abrahamic Roadtrip – Women and Faith

A great interfaith event happening in London on Tuesday March 16, 2010 from 2:30PM – 6:00PM

The Centre for Catholic-Jewish Learning is pleased to present its Third Annual Abrahamic Roadtrip.

This event is organized by the student representatives on the Centre’s Board and is open to anyone interested in an interfaith experience. The trip will take participants to visit centres of community life for members of the Jewish faith, members of the Muslim faith and members of the Catholic faith, respectively.

The theme of this year’s trip is women and religion and women from each of the faiths will provide insights into the role of women in each of their respective faiths and to answer questions that might arise.

Featuring speakers:
Rebbetzin Nechamie Silberberg
Dr. Colleen Hanycz
Sister Farah Al-Daher

There is NO COST for the trip, but space is limited and pre-registration is required! Please RSVP to ccjl@uwo.ca or (519) 963-147


Facebook event can be found here.


Sandwich Making in the UCC with the Tzedaka-Sadaqah Project

In the face of distrust and conflict Muslim and Jewish students have united on campus to break down stereotypes and build a more positive relationship between their communities.

Join us in making sandwiches for London’s underprivileged on Wednesday, March 3rd. Feel free to drop in to UCC 373 between 12:00 – 3:00 to make a few sandwiches and to find out how you can get involved!

Afterwards, we will deliver the sandwiches to Dundas Street Centre United Church in downtown London to be served as part of the congregation’s weekly Out of the Cold program.

This past year groups of Muslim and Jewish students have been volunteering together at the Church’s weekly Out of the Cold program as an expression of the values shared by their religions. Despite political and cultural differences, we have illustrated the importance of setting aside differences to unite for the common good. Through volunteering, we have had the opportunity to learn about one another’s religion which has resulted in a number of meaningful relationships.

About the Tzedaka/Sadaqah Project:

The name Tzedaka/Sadaqah comes from the similar Hebrew and Arabic words for charity. Tzedakah or Sadaqah, literally means “charity”, but also encompasses all acts of compassion and generosity. By sharing in this act together we envision a more positive atmosphere not only on campus but also in the greater community.
All food and supplies have been kindly donated by COSTCO Wholesale, London, ON.

The facebook event can be found here!